A great breakthrough acquired by Chainzone Tech.

Date: 2015-09-08      Source: Foshan LED manufacturer,EN12966 traffic products

The Pearl River Delta is the most important manufacturing and R&D base of LED display in China. Thousands of manufacturing companies have been offering excellent LED display products to all over the world. However, although the technology of LED display has been developing rapidly towards the “small pitch” area, little progress was made in the European and American market of LED traffic display, or VMS. Why?

Mr. Wang, General Manager of Sales Department of Chainzone Technology(Foshan) Co., Ltd., points out that the European and American markets of LED VMS(Variable Message Sign) are monopolized by European and Japanese companies for a long time because of the high standards for the product quality. All EU members, Norway and Swiss require that all the LED VMS involved in biddings for the ITS projects should conform to the standards of EN12966. EN12966 is a set of standards published by CEN(European Committee for Standardization). It comprises 6 standard tests which should be conducted in the professional laboratory in Italy or Germany.

As an advanced manufacturing company in Foshan, Chainzone Tech. insists in independent research and development, as well as persistent innovation. Resulting from the hard work of the first-class technical tem, Chainzone Tech. has successfully passed all the tests of EN12966 and got the certificate. According to the feedback of the Italian laboratory, Chainzone Tech. is currently the only manufacturing company from China that has passed all the tests at the highest standards at only one try!

“Certificate of EN12966 is significant to Chainzone Tech., because it not only proves its excellent R&D ability and superb product quality, but also marks a great breakthrough in this area.” said Mr. Peng, Manager of Traffic Product Department of Chainzone Tech.

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