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  • E III Series

    Specifications of iMPOSA®E III Displays

    Pixel Pitch
    Pixel Configuration
    3 in 1 SMD
    Module Information

    Resolution of Module (pixels)  (H×W)
     Size of Module (mm)  (H×W) 
    Cabinet Information

     Resolution of Cabinet (pixels)  (H×W) 
    Resolution of Cabinet (pixels)  (H×W)
    Weight of Cabinet (KG) 
    20KG (768×768 cabinet)  / 25KG (960×768 cabinet) 
     Display Information

    Power Consumption of Cabinet Max (W) 
    500W (768×768 cabinet) / 600W (960×768 cabinet) 
    Power Consumption of Cabinet Avg. (W)
    150W (768×768 cabinet) / 200W (960×768 cabinet)  
    Brightness (cd/m2) 
    Contrast Ratio
    Viewing Angle
    140°/ 120° (Rental)    140°/ 100° (Fixed installation) 
     IP Rating
    Front: IP65  Back: IP54
    Grey Level
    16 位
    Frame Frequency (Hz) 
    Refresh Frequency (Hz) 
     Brightness Control
    Manual / Auto / Scheduled
    Operating Temp / Humidity
    -20°C~50°C / 10%~90%
    Storage Temp / Humidity
    -40°C~60°C / 10%~90%
    Non-standard cabinet (H×W): 384×384, 960×768mm
    Note : Front-maintenance cabinets must be made up of 384×384mm sub-cabinets. 
               Back-maintenance cabinets must be made up of 192×384mm sub-cabinets.

  • Cabinet Structure

    The iMPOSA® E III series cabinets can be freely used for fixed installation, rental purposes, or even as a perimeter display with front or back maintenance cabinets.

              Fixed installation                                              Fixed installation                                            Rental series(768X768)                                Rental series (960X768)
              (768X768 Front maintenance)                      (768X768 Back maintenance)

    Module Structure

    P10.6 and P16 modules can be equipped with lens, which are named E3S.

    Module without lens                              Module with lens                            Aluminum plate for bottom shell,                  Front mask with buffering function 
                                                     ensuring excellent heat dissipation

    To Convert into a Perimeter Display

    An E III display can be converted into a perimeter display with some necessary components.

    Perimeter display can be changed into rental display rapidly.

    Technical advantages of Chainzone's IMPOSA Perimeter Display

    Precise image quality control technology

    The combination of a specially-designed mask and a lens plate with ball-shaped lens on top of each pixel greatly reduces the reflection of sunshine and ensures the best contrast ratio, thus delivering more clearly visible images. Chainzone holds the patent for this mask + lens plate design.

    Rear aluminum plate

    Unique rear aluminum plate brings about fast and even heat dissipation in our LED display:

               IMPOSA EIII module with LED driving board                                                                                    Conventional module with PCB attached to nothing
               in direct contact with rear aluminum plate

    Heat is the cause of high temperature and is the most horrible enemy to the work life of an LED screen.

    The makeup of our Imposa EIII module from top to bottom is mask → lens plate → LED driving board → rear aluminum plate. Heat generated by electronic components on the circuit board is dissipated to the open air directly via the attached rear aluminum plate. Extraordinary thermo-stability and environment-adaptability is observed. No moisture annoyance at all.

    Solid structure

    Impact EN 60598-1

    Impact tests shall be conducted on horizontally mounted test module front panel using a steel ball of 50mm diameter with a mass of 510g dropped from a height h(1.3m) to produce an impact energy of 6.5Nm.


    Mask and top cushion soft rubber material which has the flexible buffering function while undergoing the external impact and protect the athletes from injury preferably.

                                                                                                                                                      The perimeter display has the flexible buffering
                                                                                                                                                       function while undergoing the external impact

    Aluminum back plate for each tile to realize faster heat dissipation

    Ailor-made aluminum back plate, rapid heat sink.

    Quick assembly

    a. quick assembly can be achieved without any extra tools.

    b. 0/5/10 angle can be realized by kicking the foot stool only.

    Safety/emergency exit gates

    If emergency occurs in fields, an emergency exit can be created by our Perimeter Display.


    8pcs non-standard stainless steel torx head screws on the module on each tile to ensure its solidity during assembly and disassembly.

    Lock catch equipment for each power supply box, easy to disassemble by hands only.

                    open the lock catch                                                                                                                take out the power supply box

    Customer-friendly mainboard design

    open the lock catch                                                            remove the box cover                                                          take out the mainboard

    Color Control

    No matter indoor or outdoor, cloudy or sunny day, shaded part or sunlight part, Chainzone’s perimeter display can always automatically adjust its chroma and brightness according to the change of external environment to ensure the same color.

    Chainzone’s perimeter display can automatically adjust the chroma according to                   For normal perimeter display, the chroma can’t be automatically
    the environment.It can auto compensate the chromatically difference under                             adjusted. Under direct sunshine, the display will look dark and
    sunlight and ensure the display show the samecolor no matter in shaded part                       grey and become Janus-face.
    or sunlight part.

    To ensure partially controlling the brightness and chroma, each perimeter display cabinet has a light sensor. This function is especially useful for perimeter display with part in shadow and remaining part under sunshine. Chainzone’s special developed control system can make the partial brightness change into gradient which is more suitable for human visual.

                                    shaded part                                             Sunlight part-the display will auto adjust                                Shaded part- the display will auto adjust to lower
                                                                                                       to high brightness, and gradually become                             brightness, and gradually become higher bright
                                                                                                       lower bright gradient to the left.                                                 gradient to the left to avoid visual mutation.

    For normal perimeter display, the brightness of all cabinet will change together. Then the perimeter display in shaded part may look too bright, while in sunlight part too dark.

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